Using a PHP Upload Script for ShareX

I have started using a ShareX for all of my Screen Grabbing needs as it’s supports a lot of different features  that I can’t seem to find with any other program.

I first started to use for uploads, I then I noticed The Website was down more then it was up so I needed a new upload website….. Well I have my own server it’s always up…. I’ll just host it myself…

Well I’m all about security so FTP was out… I liked the SFTP over SSH but.. I would have to allow it over the TwoStepAuth I have for Server logins… So that was out :/


I Know! I’ll use the Custom Uploader feature ShareX has… So here are the Steps to setup this:

  1. First setup a new sub domain like: uploads.domain.tld
  2. Then set the 404 Page to be the /index.php page
  3. Then Insert the following code at: /index.php


After that use change the CHANGEME to a password of your choice and then open ShareX


Then make the following look like this:

Then give it a try 😀