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Router, Antivirus, and Firewall Log Emailing

Published on December 18, 2009 By RCP

I have all my Logs from my Firewall, antivirus and router logs sent to me every day. For this I used NETGEAR WGR614v8(Comcast gave me). Avast(I use the free it work nice). hMailServer(Very cool Mail Server for windows) For the Server I’m using IP: and port(s), 25, 110, and 143. Now Install hMail Server on a windows Computer after installing it, […]

My Small HomeServer

Published on December 17, 2009 By RCP

Made a HomeServer info about it.

IPTables + Bashrc Shortcut

Published on August 4, 2009 By RCP

We All know IPTables and well be a bitch… so by adding the following lines to your /etc/bash/bashrc and/o….