PHP Upload Script for ShareX V2.0

Version 2.o of the PHP Upload Script for ShareX

You will first need to make sure your sharex custom uploader looks like this make sure you add

\”domain\”:\”(.+?)\”     <= First

\”key\”:\”(.+?)\”     <= Next

\”filename\”:\”(.+?)\”     <= Last

Into Regex from response

Then for URL: http://$1,1$/$3,1$

Thumbnail URL: http://$1,1$/tn/$3,1$

and Deletion URL: http://$1,1$/$2,1$/delete/$3,1$

File from name: d

Request URL: http://upload.yourdomain.tld/password/upload


Then upload the following Script:


You can change the $key = “Changeme”; to your password

$redirect = “http://redirectdomain.tld/”; to the domain to redirect 404 to

$domain = “thisdomain.tld”; This must be the domain to access the uploads from

$filenamelength = 4; To the number of chars for the random file name



Give it a shoot!