New IRC Server in UK & TTK New…

We got a new server “Lithium” witch is in the UK this will provide UK people a faster connections. Take a look at the speed update.

User 1 UK:   User to RedFire(US): 270 ms, User to Lithium UK: 32 ms.

User 2 UK:   User to RedFire(US): 589 ms, User to Lithium UK: 106 ms.

Now if you add Lithium to Hub its +89.1 ms.

This is a big update for TechToKnow, and to keep you connected to the fastest IRC Server you will be tested before you connect each server will ping you for the fastest server and load you to it. So You will know your chatters will always have the fastest server and if the ping fails we will load a default one.

Also like to take a Look at your ping to it? take a Look at the Servers page of TechToKnow IRC we added it so you can look at your ping, Its not Open for Public use yet but will be up ASAP.

Have Fun and happy chatting!


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