My Small HomeServer

I have made a Computer with Windows XP Pro on it… that I use for a Small media/Server, Now I have a SonicWall Hardware Firewall Hooked up to it so it cant be hacked/gotten into…

The Server on the firewall can only output on HTTP only Min 50 kbs – 350 kps this is to keep bandwith low and my rest of the home network fast.

I’m on a Comcast home internet Service and that firewall gets hit 250 times a day with port scans, ICMP/SYNC flooding so that firewall works very good.

So back to my home server its a CPU: 933 MHZ  P3, RAM:  368 MB SD, HDD: 10 GB Seagate something, Connected to a SonicWall Hardware firewall(Sonicwall TZ 180) on Port E1, at 100 MB.

What do I run on this? Well Right now…

1 IRC Bot(MIRC).

1 VLC pumping a shoutcast stream to a Ventrilo I have running to Our Ventrilo server.

1 Ventrilo(Said Why above).

1 XAMPLite(with PHP and MySQL) used for Webserver.

1 Weather Bug(Used for a PHP Script I made).

1 Bittorrnt So if I need to torrent anything.

1 VNC  So I can easily remote into it to fix somthing.

1 hMail Server I can can send email locally with firewall and antivirus.

Thats it!

To Keep this Always on I have it up to a UPS and… I have a Generator if need to be…

The Screenshot(Taken with VNC),

homeserver(Real Size of Screen)

I will Take More Pictures  of it soon 😀

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