JavaScript – SSL Strip Detector with Client Alert

Code name: JavaScript SSL Strip Detector and Alerter.
Code version: v1.0
Copyright: Copyright (C) 2012  Richard Cornwell
Code license: GNU General Public License v3

You can find this Script at:


This code way made to protect the client for a local SSL Strip attack.
Do take note this is only for the client side… not server side….
The Client will see this:
How to install?
  1. Download the script from here:
  2. Next put in somewhere on your site like here:
  3. Then insert the following code to your webpages:

<?php if($_SERVER[‘HTTPS’]){ ?><script type=”text/javascript” src=”/sslcheck.php”></script><?php } ?>


Your done! Now you might not see this… ever popping up for you but if you or your users ever do get SSL Striped it will alert you. Have Fun!  WordPress Module might be Coming soon!