Hands in the Cookie Jar

As you may know I work on alot of projects from: IRC, Servers, Web hosting, Shoutcast hosting, Systems Administration, Programming, and just working on anything… Basically if there is something out there I’m in working on it… If you give me something I think is cool I play with it… and make it better …..All for free.   I have always never told someone “This is going to cost $XX.XX!” I have always been laid back when it comes to money… as I look around my peers friends that do the same as I, I find them doing the same stuff I do… and they charge money for it.  But when I do the Stuff I like… I never charge not a dime… Why is that?  You may ask up to this point I have always said… Not to make this a job make it fun and let people pay you when they want to not cause they have to.  I have worked on Peoples computers, website, Scripts, Networks, and even Donated my own money to buy people domains just to have this fun I seek… But yet I never ask for a dime.  Right now I’m so mentally tired I cause I’m being Pulled every single way from here to around the world to code this for you do this do that… That I can’t keep up… Yet I don’t get paid. People think I own them when really I don’t own them anything I spend my time doing what I do best when is having fun.  Yes I do alot of stuff for people, Yes I do have fun, Yes from time to time… I will Make something I feel is fun. even tho it’s not even for you.  ….and What do I get when I make something out of my free time? A Facebook app? A Desktop app? Play with new software?   ….Why does this matter to you? why do you have to Say it’s a waste of time…? I use to spend more time online learning about new things then I worked on things and I got alot done…. Now… Do this, do that, work on this… Now I’m getting over loaded and being ripped apart. By everybody all for not a dime…


BTW I don’t care about how this is formatted nor do I care about Grammar or Spelling.