Why Did You Make TechToKnow?

Cause all the other IRC Networks were just too plain in service so I made TechToKnow and now its a forever growing site/service.

What do you Do for a living?

Help others online with there sites and coding things.

How old are you?

What is this ASL? NO! only people I know real well know this.

How did you learn all of this?

I wound take things apart and put them back together, so taking a website a part and find out how something works well it just comes natural to me by the way you still can find me hardware hacking things.

What do you do for fun?

Play Urban Terror with friends, make fun things in php, take apart something and see how it works.

How long have to been on the Internet?

Well I started in 1999.

If I wound like you to make somthing for my website how much wound it cost?

You pork out $20 for the beers and I’ll code it :p