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MegaUpload shutdown via Feds

January 19, 2012

Popular File uploading site megaupload was raided by federal prosecutors in Virginia. The site’s founder Kim Dotcom and three others were arrested by the police in New Zealand at the request of US authorities. MegaVideo, the streaming site belonging to same company, and a total of 18 domains connected to the Mega company were seized and datacenters […]

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How to get Arduino Mega 2560 R3 to work in Windows 7

January 12, 2012

Things you will need: Arduino Mega 2560 R3: ($50). USB A to B Cable (Dollar Tree? $1). Arduino SDK: (Free). State of the art computer running: Windows 7 (You have one right?). Beer  ICEE! (Must have…. Ohh and buy me one *Donate*).   First you will need to Download the SDK Go to their site and find it… (Make […]

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